Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Edit heterogeneous content

Martin Aspeli asked how us will be handling the batch-edition (yes, I invented that verb) of several objects of different content types. Moreover, what fields let the user select to edit, and what to do if the user selected to edit a field that does not exist for any of the objects to edit.

My first though was report that request as an error. Wasn't very powerful, nor useful, but was the first though. After a week of thinking, I prefer another more user friendly option: when displaying the batch-edit-form, for each content object that does not have the field to edit, just inform the user that fact, but not report any error, and also display in the form all input fields for objects that do have the field to edit.

With this in mind, I think that shouldn't be hard to let the user actually select more than one field to edit for the set of content objects.

I'll be glad to read your thoughts.

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