Monday, June 23, 2008

Officially Started my Winter of Code

The past Saturday the winter started here, so my summer of code changed to a cold winter of code in the south hemisphere.

A summary of my progress can be read on the docs/HISTORY.txt file on the product itself, but here I'll paste last changes.
  • Outlined BatchEditorForm, so far only showing a list of contents to edit, but not editable yet.
  • Added Empty Interface and Adapter for BatchEditable contents.
  • Created uninstall profile that removes all created actions.
  • Created first tests: and inside tests module.
  • User search parameters and items selection stored on content annotations.
  • Re done BatchSelectorForm for displaying search results and select items to edit using plone.z3cform.crud.
  • Added Interface and Adapter for BatchSelectable contents.
Although what we have is still not even an alpha release, I invite you people to checkout the code and try it (on a sandbox instance please). I also encourage you to file anything you find odd here.

Also, I want to thank Daniel Nouri for his great work on plone.z3cform.crud.

Here, an screen shot of the selector user interface. As you can see, needs some ui love yet.

About things for next week, I must say that is the same list than for the previous one:
  • display Archetypes schema fields on plone.z3cforms.crud
  • create the batch edit action for saving changes (shouldn't be hard using crud).
  • add more tests.

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Good for people to know.