Monday, July 14, 2008

Batch error handling

I enjoyed last weekend in my father's cottage in Los Reartes, coding, and coding. I didn't have internet connection in the town, but I enjoyed the productivity.

I submitted my survey Wednesday, had a short except morning work from home, and took the bus to the hills.

I worked basically on improving the validation and error handling of batch editions.
The work was put on:
  • at2z3field adapter: now behaves more close to the ATField it's adapting: Datetime, Int, Float, Decimal, Bool, Object, Text zope schema field used when appropiate, Textline otherwise.
  • Archetype fields validation run when validating the field for batch-editing.
  • When some error on validation occured, a form only displaying errors is presented to user, letting him know that the other objects will be also edited when fixing the errors.
Sounds like a short thing, but took me lot of hours, mainly the first one, given and I could not find which interface Archetype fields are providing.

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