Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spanish Translation

Last week wasn't the most productive on the SoC, but I produced some new stuff.
Anyway, I'm doing 2-3 night hrs sessions this week days for recovering lost time.

What new things I have to report:
  • Started Spanish translation. Not finished because the code and templates are still changing, but most of the work was in the setup things for allowing translations, than in the translation it self. I can use any other language translation help: Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, etc, etc, etc. Contact me in case you can.
  • batch search form simplification again, taking off the ugly template based previous one, creating a plone.z3cform one.
  • Tested the product to see how it behaves with non default Content Types. I played with Martin Aspeli optilude.cinemacontent contents. Working fine so far.
In case you are checking out new stuff, you will have to wait until next post, because I did not check in last work yet.

Here, how it looks like in spanish, and as you can see there are several details that need to be translated yet (like Content type' names)

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