Monday, July 07, 2008

Reaching the first half

So, we arrived to the end of the first code period, and I think that more or less we have a good job done. During this week my mentor and I have to complete some forms and surveys... bureaucratic stuff that is part of the summer of code program. I do not enjoy doing that kind of things, but I understand why are those needed, so I'll do that without complaining :).

About what happened last week, I couldn't put the amount of hours I was wanting to, but anyways I could solve a couple of things.

First, I created some installation instructions for making easier to have people with time and energy testing Here the instructions are!

Second, we had the first issue created :). Thanks Matthew Wilkes for issuing it. I think I already fixed it, so I committed the patch and added it as resolved.

Third, I finally added a good more real set of tests to the product.

Fourth, I started to work on the error handling as we talked last week with Alex.
I have now the back-end behaving as we decided (i.e: if any error, no change is made). Now I have to work on the user interface Alex suggested. Shouldn't be hard, I just have to sit down and do some functional tests and templates work.

Fifth, Alex and I started the talk last Friday about what things expect to have implemented for the first version of, and what things postpone. We could not finish that talk, but we are on that. I own him an email yet.

I feel that I can't make a weekly post without including some screen shot, so, here it is:


Anonymous said...

i'm just posting to say thanks for keeping us up-to-date (and to let you know, that somebody actually reads your posts ;-)

i'm really looking forward to!

javimansilla said...

Thanks tomster for you comments. Is veri nice to receive support like yours.