Monday, August 18, 2008


Are you a sports fan but you have to work instead of been watching the olympic games?

Would you like to be notified each time someone earns a medal, without needing to have a browser opened?

Well, more or less that was my situation, and that's why I dediced to create Olim.pyc. Unfortunately, during these days I was finishing (or at least working hard on it) my GSoC project, so I made a very rough version of what could be a much nicer program.

What does Olim.pyc do? This is an screen-shot of it:

It consults the official Olympic games site and refresh it's internal database. Each time some country increase it's medals counter, you will be warned. If you want to consult how the medals ranking is, just clicking on the Olim.pyc systray icon will open a summary like this one:

Wanna make a try? You'll need a linux box, with BeautifulSoup and libnotify installed. It's done in Python, of course, but there is no decent linux on earth without a Python installed.

You can download an alpha release here (don't expect a real release never).

Disclaimer: I could not make libnotify to use a certain font, and the formatting options it provides are too small for creating a decent table, so don't be surprised if you find yourself having an ugly layout.
I'll be glad of you want to help me to improve my fast and nasty code.

Of course, it's GPL.

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