Monday, August 18, 2008

End of Summer

Don't scare, your summer is not ending yet. Don't scare, my winter here neither. The thing is that the Google Summer of Code period is finishing in about 10 hs, and last 2 weeks I worked hard adding and cleaning things.

A summary of the work done in the last 2 weeks can be summarized with the change log comments, which are:

  • Added, fixed and improved tests and documentation.
  • Minor imports fixes (and dependences changes) for working with 0.5
  • BeautifulSoup dependence added, for making functional tests easier.
  • Fixed bug in editor: if unmarking object checkbox, now is excluded from the process (wasn't happening this).
  • utilities (datetimes functions and makeBatchEditableField) added to
  • Fixed ATValidation error class for displaying the message of the archetype validation error.
  • BatchDataManager added, which adapts content and IBatchField fields. This cleans the code of the BatchEditor adapter.
  • Dummy Lines field created, for handling different situations with archetypes Lines fields. So far, is only a Text field.
  • Reference field added, which uses first version of AccessibleWidget.
  • Accessible widget added: multiselect widget with javascript improvements, but also functional for non javascript browsers.
  • Images and Files now can be uploaded with batch editor.
  • In AT2Z3Field, removing dependences, preparating the ground for making it a separated package.
  • AT2Z3Field tries to grab a vocabulary for the z3field from the objects that is trying to adapt.
  • Added TitledVocabulary (taken from PloneGetPaid), for easy creation of titled vocabularies.

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