Monday, August 18, 2008 0.1 release

That's right, I tagged the work done so far in what we can name the first release of this nice product.

In case you are interested on it, here it is:


Jon Stahl said...

Hi Javier! is looking really nice! already, it is obvious that this is one of the most successful GSOC projects ever -- bravo!

i did some quick-and-dirty clicking around, filed a few bug reports.

Here are some additional thoughts/notes, followed by a few thoughts on how this could move forward into Plone core (which I'm sure Alex has some ideas about).

* I'd like to see the human-friendly name of the product be "Batch Editor" (including "Plone" is redundant) in:
* Configlet
* Add/remove products
* ??

* The @@batch_selector_form needs a javascript-powered "Select all" to check/uncheck all items, see folder_contents view for an example.

* Need a "cancel" button on @@batch_editor_form

* Need a good date/time picker widget for dates... probably a z3c.form issue, I know.

* Need a kupu widget for editing the "text" field, if that's possible.

* This is more of a "wishlist" item, but I was thinking that it would be really cool if I could select multiple fields on a set of objects, and see them as columns ina tlab,e so I could edit multiple fields on multiple objects in a single editing transaction. That would make things *insanely* fast! :-) But I know it may not be possible.

* I'd love a javascript-powered button that could "copy this value to all fields in this column"

* It seems that "ID" (shortname) isn't a valid field to batch edit. Is it possible to enable batch editing of shortnames?

* It would be cool to have a sitewide batch editor in the "Batch Edit" control panel configlet... so we could search the entire site for content to batch edit, not just a single folder. Again, no idea if this is possible, but a nice feature, perhaps. Or maybe just a "search entire site" checkbox in the batch edit form. Maybe "search subfolders of this folder" too?

Path into Plone core

I would very much like to see this ship in a future release of Plone. It should definitely get some real-world testing and feedback first, though. So I think it makes the most sense to release as an add-on product, write some good documentation, let people use it "in the wild" for a while, do a few iterations to fix bugs, and then write a PLIP to include it in Plone 3.3 or 3.4 (whatever feature release we're working on at the time). The Framework Team will offer some feedback and possibly suggest some changes.

Vejeta said...

Hola Javi,

I also would like to see this ship in future releases.

I will be testing this product since it's very useful and following the development.

Thanks for the effort!